Time to clean the sofa, love seat or chair?
Let us help you restore yours!

When is it time to do upholstery cleaning &

when is time to buy new? 

Let us help you!

Upholstery is something that may more often then not be overlooked when considering a deep clean in your home. Your carpet may cover much more square footage, but you’ll undoubtedly spend much more time on your couch or sofa; then on the floor.

Regular Upholstery Steam Cleanings not only help your furniture to appear clean, it can help maintain the fibers. By calling Steam Xpress periodically to clean your sectional or sofa it will help your favorite or main piece of furniture last longer.

Steam Upholstery cleaning also helps in keeping your family and/or customers healthy. Whether the furniture is in your home or business, we believe that health is one of the primary reasons that you want to keep your upholstery clean. Without proper cleaning many allergens and air pollutants can linger in your sofa or chairs. One call to Steam Xpress for all your upholstery cleaning needs is all you need to avoid those allergens!

Improve your home or businesses air quality by simply steam cleaning your upholstery...! 

Where do you sign up? Did you know a regular cleaning can get rid of problems such as mold, dust, allergens and mildew. Its like changing out your filters in your Air system. 

No need to get a new sofa or chair, call us first and let us help restore it to its original luster!


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