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Best On-Site 
Area Rug Steam Cleaning

To start,  area rugs need a gentle, yet effective, cleaning. As far as a DIY project, area rug cleaning is one that you should leave to the professionals at steam xpress floor care and beyond. 

Additionally, our specialists take care when cleaning your rugs in the comfort of your home. No need to wait with a pick up and delivery service, your rugs are done onsite same day. 

In the end, its best to call steam xpress for all your on-site area rug cleaning needs.  

The Hot Water Extraction Method &
Stain Removal Process

Above all, with our steaming hot water, the extraction method is frequently used to clean area rugs on site. It is one of the most gentle and effective ways to not only restore the beauty of your rug, it also extends the life of it. As a bonus, our hot water extraction is entirely green, family and pet safe!

Furthermore, the stain removing process is just as specific. Our solutions used are specialized for the type of stain and the type of rug to be cleaned. 

As a result, you have a rug that is exceptionally clean, has no cleaning solution residue remaining and extends the life of your rug for many more years.

Steaming Stain Protection

To keep your rugs looking the best, after we steam clean your rugs on site. We additionally offer, area rug stain protection.  

This process will keep your rug looking newer, longer, by forming a protective shield around each fiber.  It helps repel liquid spills and adds longevity to your rug. 

Ultimately, our stain process is safe for your family and pets and will make your rug easier to care for. 

Types of Rugs we Care for

Wool Rugs

Nylon Rugs

Cotton Rugs

Polyester Rugs

Jute Rugs

Sisal Rugs

With out a doubt, we are the best choice.

No need to wait any longer. You have found the best option for your same day cleaning project.

Cut out the wait time by experiencing our unique onsite service.

Call Steam Xpress for all your onsite area rug cleaning and preserve your favorite rug for years to come.


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