Area rug Cleaning
Area rug cleaning

Area Rug cleaning the
Steam Xpress Way

Professional Steam

Area Rug Cleaning by Steam Xpress.  Area rugs need a gentle, yet effective, cleaning. Steam Xpress specialists take care when cleaning area rugs on or off site.

We always take a different approach. We conduct a thorough analysis of the rug. Heavily soiled and high traffic areas are noted. These areas may require special attention determining the cleaning solution best for your rug.

Hot Water Extraction
Stain Removal

We use state-of-the-art equipment to achieve maximum results. Hot water extraction is frequently used to clean area rugs. It is gentle and effective. Area rug beauty is restored. As a bonus, hot water extraction is entirely ‘green.’ Only hot water is used as a cleaning solution. It is deeply injected into the area rug fibers. It agitates dirt and dust mites. As they loosen, they are sucked up by powerful vacuums. As a result, you have a rug that is exceptionally clean and has no cleaning solution residue remaining.

The stain removing process is just as specific. The Steam Xpress solutions used are specific for the type of stain and the type of area rug to be cleaned. Some rugs can only be dry-cleaned. Silk rugs are a prime example. Other rugs can tolerate only a certain amount of liquid.

Area Rugs
Stain Protection

To keep your rugs looking the best, Steam Xpress Carpet Care steam deep cleans your area rugs with care. We also offer area rug stain protection.  This process will keep your rug looking newer, longer, by forming a protective shield around each fiber.  It helps repel liquid spills and adds longevity to your rug. Our process is safe for your family and pets and will make your rug easier to care for. For your convenience, we clean area rugs on site.

Professional Technicians

We will clean rugs used in mudrooms to expensive heirlooms. We know what method works best for each type of rug. Our Professional technicians undergo training in order to deliver quality service.  We specialize in antique Oriental rugs, as well as everyday wool rugs. Extreme precision and skill is required; that is where our trained professionals come in. Top notch care for your area rugs.

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